Give your kids a better future by partnering with us to help them make smarter decisions, form stronger relationships, and grow a deeper faith.

Check out what’s going on during December in C2 (Children’s Church) for Grades 1-5 from 10:45-12:00 on Sunday Mornings

Tessa Lawson will be teaching this month and the theme is Goal: On Humility. We encourage parents to volunteer as an assistance to see the great things happening in C2, email us at or speak with Tessa after C2 on Sunday morning.

Check out the preview video for this month!

252 Preview: The Big Give (December 2017) from Orange

Age 2 – Kindergarten

Our First Look Program is designed to teach kids three important truths: God Made me, God Loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend. To Find out more, click here

The goal of those who minister in with the youngest in our congregation is to make sure they feel loved, valued, and happy to grow up in the church. We strive to meet the needs of our babies & Toddlers to provide a service to their parents, and to support the growth of our congregation as a whole.

Toddlers (located in the Ed. Wing, first floor, first room on the left)

What to Bring
Please bring any of the following items you think might be helpful for our nursery workers. Make sure to place items in a bag with your child’s name on it.

  1. 2 or 3 disposable diapers.  No cloth diapers, please.
  2. Sippy cup of milk, formula, juice or water.  Please label your cups
  3. A complete change of clothes, just in case.

Snacks of Cheerios, Animal Crackers, and Vanilla Wafers are provided to those in the Nursery, Crawlers and Toddler Rooms.  If you child has an allergy, please inform the leader at check-in.

Saying Goodbye

The best goodbye is a quick goodbye.  It is age appropriate for little ones to cry.  It doesn’t always happen, but if it does trust that our volunteers will assist your child in getting interested in something else to calm themselves.  We also have the ability to silently page you from service should we be unable to soothe your child.


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