Questions that visitors often ask

What’s the style of dress?

It’s a mix. Some people dress casually and others dress up in suits and dresses. We’re glad that no one feels compelled to follow a dress code. On average, people are dressed in “nice casual.” Don’t worry about it. We’ll just be glad to see you.

How will I be greeted?

Our people are friendly, but respectful of your privacy. We have greeters in the main lobby and serve coffee and pastries from 10:15 till worship starts at 10:45.  Really, though everyone at the church  is a greeter. If you aren’t sure where something is, just ask. They are there to be helpful, available if you need them, and to make sure you know you are welcome.

How long is the worship service?

It lasts between 60 and 70 minutes.

When does the worship service begin and end?

Begins at 10:45 AM, Sunday mornings and ends before noon.

What happens with the children during the worship service?

There is nursery for infants and early toddlers. Toddlers through kindergarten can attend Wee Worship during the entire time of the worship service. Elementary aged children may attend C2 Kidz Worship that starts at the same time as the adult worship service.

What kind of music is heard in the worship service?

We have what is commonly called a blended service. We still sing the beautiful traditional hymns of the church using new arrangements that keep them fresh and meaningful. We also sing many of the most popular new praise and worship songs of the contemporary church. The result is a focus on pleasing God with sincere, heartfelt worship, not promoting any one musical style.

What is the mood in the worship service?

Before and after the service, the sounds of happy people talking and greeting one another are common and it’s not uncommon for people to stay around for a long time afterwards talking, praying, or visiting. Our services are orderly and respectful, but not overly formal. We clap after special music and laugh at the preacher’s jokes (usually). We try to sing with joy in our hearts and pray with humble spirits and quiet conviction.

What happens in the worship service?

We sing songs, read scripture, listen to musical specials, pray, take up an offering, partake in a communion service, hear a message from the minister, and sometimes have drama, videos, personal testimonies, or other special features.

What is expected at offering time?

Offering plates are passed during the service. Visitors are not expected to put money in the offering plate unless it is something they want to do. There is a tear off form in the bulletin that you can complete and drop into the offering plate that will give us a record of your visit and allow us to send you more information about our church.

What happens during the communion service?

A small group of men will come forward to serve two trays to those attending. One tray has pieces of unleavened bread and the other has individual plastic cups of grape juice. Everyone who claims Jesus as his or her lord and savior is welcome to participate with us in taking communion. Simply take a piece of bread and a cup of juice from the trays as they are passed to you and pass the trays to the next person. Then, eat the bread and drink the juice when you are ready. The empty cup can be placed in the holders in the shelf located on the chair in front of you.

What should I expect from the sermon?

The sermons are normally 25 minutes long. The messages are always firmly anchored to the Bible and deal with the common issues that we all face. Sometimes the messages tackle the great questions of life such as purpose, eternity, and God’s will. At other times, the sermon will provide help with the everyday life of relationships and changing circumstances or offer hope and encouragement for those enduring turmoil, crisis, and suffering. In short, the sermons reflect that we believe the answers found in the Bible will speak to all the challenges of life and can meet all our needs.

What version of the Bible is used?

Most members use the New International Version (NIV), though some use the English Standard Version or New American Standard. Sermons generally use the NIV, but will quote from The Message, New Living, and others. The best translation is…the one you’ll read!

How do I get to the church?

The church is located at the intersection of Woodruff and Bell roads in Greenville, SC. It is a quarter mile west off highway 14 on Woodruff Road or 2 miles east of I-385 on Woodruff Road. You can view a map here.

How do I find my way around the church?

There are signs and people located at the doors and entrance areas to help. For a map of the Facilities Click Here