Nathan Lawson

Senior Minister

nathan@lifechangingchurch.com  Office: (864) 288-1543

Nathan grew up in eastern Kentucky and graduated from Ozark Christian College with a Bachelor’s in Theology. After graduating Nathan and his wife Tessa worked for the next six years in southern Zimbabwe where four of their kids were born (two were born here in Greenville in 2015). Nathan joined the ministry at WRCC in 2012 and completed a Master of Divinity with an emphasis in Historical Theology at Emmanuel Christian Seminary.

The Lawsons love to hike, build projects we find online, swim, bike, and cook.

Brendan Shelton

Youth Minister

Brendan Shelton, our youth minister, is from the wonderful town of Mt. Airy, Maryland. After becoming a Christian in high school, he attended Drexel University studying Film Production. The summer after his freshman year he was baptized and transferred to Milligan College in Tennessee, where he received his degree in Biblical Studies (Youth Ministry emphasis).

In his spare time, Brendan enjoys reading (everything), music (almost all of it), movies (almost all of them), playing board games with his soon-to-be-wife, Beattie, and the Baltimore Ravens.

Caw! Caw!

(864) 288-1543


Jere Davis

Worship Director

Jere Davis is a man of many talents. Not only is he our worship director, but a talented drummer and businessman (sort of like Bruce Wayne, aka Batman).  Jere owns many businesses which provide a wide variety of services to the community (like Batman). He is a night owl, and it’s not at all unusual for him to go to sleep at 4 AM. Kind of like Batman.


Jere is Batman.


(864) 288-1543

Dana Collier

Administrative Director

(864) 288-1543

Dana Collier

Robin North

Morning Out Ministries Director

(864) 288-6428


Jere Davis

Paul Hargette

Chris Moore

Earl Nadeau

Elder Emeritus: Don Lockwood

Elder Emeritus: Dick Magill


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