Southgate Christian Church formed in 1959 holding meetings in member’s homes and other temporary facilities. In 1960, the church purchased a house on Old Grove Road in Greenville and met there for ten years. The church outgrew the old house by 1970, and searched for a place to build a more useful and permanent structure. Southgate secured property on Woodruff Road and with aid from other Christian churches, erected a building. Southgate Christian Church became Woodruff Road Christian Church and held the first service in December of 1971.

Steady growth required building a new sanctuary in 1986 followed by a Family Life Center in 1993. In June of 2000, fire destroyed the sanctuary as well as several other parts of the facility. As a result, the Family Life Center became the meeting area for congregational worship. With careful deliberation and planning, the leadership decided to build an Educational/Administrative building in place of the sanctuary. October of 2002 marked the dedication of this building phase.

Throughout the church’s existence, hundreds of families called this fellowship “home” and many continue to do so today. It is the enduring purpose of Woodruff Road Christian Church to “Love God, Share Jesus, and Serve Man”. To this affect, the church continues remaining committed to teaching Biblical principles and glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.