Service Times

The Gathering

The community of WRCC gathers for worship at 10:45 Sunday mornings and meets until noon.  The service is centered around music, Eucharist (Communion), and Scripture. To hear the kinds of messages in worship click here. 

AM life Groups


Life Groups meet at 9:30 on Sunday morning. Beyond gathering for corporate worship, WRCC gathers into smaller groups for authentic spiritual conversations. As we live and laugh together we encourage each other to live faithfully within our families, community, and the world.

Information about the Church

We are a non-deminonational church that roots our practices and beliefs in the scriptures of the New Testament. We are part of a movement often known as the Restoration Movement (or Stone-Campbell movement).  There is no official headquarters or organization, but it’s an association of churches whose primary goals are to adhere to the truth of the gospel and practice unity within the church. Our church is run by elders who are elected after a careful process of examination based on the requirements in Scripture. If you have any doctrinal questions, look under the what we believe section of this site (for any further details or explanations email us here).  Otherwise, the best way to find out what kind of church we are is by getting to know us.